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What is Kerson Games

Kerson Games is simply two brothers and some dude. We are working on our first indie game development project titled Nations.

In a world so frequently divide, we strive to unite through gaming. Our studio aims to create unique gaming experiences for people that promotes engagement with others.

What is Nations

Have you ever thought the world would be a better place if you were in charge? Well, Nations is a social-political mobile multiplayer strategy game where you can finally answer that question!

Beta Preview

Preview of Kerson Games Nations

Manage Your Region

Choose a real world nation to create your own region where you will be looked at to lead

  • Face the people of your region and tell them where you stand on important and controversial issues!
  • Recruit and train a group of leaders that can help you resolve daily issues!
  • Find players in other nations and take action against them!

Become a National Ruler

All nations are led by an elected player

  • Compete against other players in your nation to gain enough endorsements to become your nation's ruler!
  • Persuade these other players to endorse you for national ruler!
  • Once you're ruler you can exile all your competition!

Manage Foreign Diplomacy

Nations can form alliances, declare war and conquer foreign nations

  • Manage diplomacy with other nations!
  • As a smaller nation, form alliances with others to show strength!
  • As a larger nation, declare war and conquer those who oppose you!


Beta Release

The beta version of Nations is expected to be released by the beginning of April 2021! It will be available on Android and iOS!

Full Release

The full production version of Nations is expected to be released by September 2021! It will be available on Android and iOS!

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